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VCA compressors are very common in studios, both for their versatility and for the colors they bring to the tracks. They have a versatility level very similar to FET compressors since they can act at high speed both in the attacks and in the release. In this way, we can use it to control a specific element or to highlight the transient and give it more aggressiveness.

This compressor can have large amounts of dBs of compression, allowing for greater control. It is important to note that each model usually has its characteristics, so we can find very varied models with the same type of internal construction.

Many of these compressors have a different color between models, allowing you to have a larger palette of colors / options for each production. We find engineers who like to use the dbx 160/165 in the kick drum or even this same model in recording vocals.

If this is the first time that you try to incorporate one of these compressors in your mixes, it is usual to look for very aggressive compressions in parallel compressions, which can have a fast release and a slow attack to highlight the transients and get a better punch or all otherwise, a fast attack and a slower release to get more RMS added.

Among the usual models we can highlight the dbx 160 or the API 2500, to name a few.


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