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Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Compressors have been and continue to be a fundamental tool in the musical field. For this reason, since their birth in the 20th century, they have been and continue to be used today. Today we are going to discuss the FET type compressors, which are very common.

The most common compressor model, which works through transistors are FET compressors. These compressors have faster attack and release times than other models, which allows us to work better on the compromising elements, in the event that we want to control or highlight them.

Normally this type of compressor is not transparent, so the color that adheres to the sound is usually warmer (depending on the model). In addition, the harmonic distortion that this type of circuit has, has become another tool and another choice in a mixing engineer color palette.

This compressor is very versatile and widely used in vocal recordings, although it works perfectly for basses, drums and there are even those who use it in their master.

If this is the first time you use it or you are learning little by little to mix or simply make your own productions, start experimenting with this compressor. Very commonly a slow attack and a fast release are used, with a 4:1 ratio to control and give more aggressiveness to the element that you compress. Well, compress 1 dB or 10 dB, whatever is needed each time.. For example, it is common to compress between 1 and 3 dB the voices in recording.


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